Christian Lisowski Finishes The Race!

Christian Lisowski is a Medtronic employee hoping to raising awareness and funds for the Sulzbacher Center’s medical services by competing in the Marathon Des Sables, also known as “the toughest footrace on earth.” Checkout his final update below.

Man in desert with camel

Final MDS update from Christian Lisowski:

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over. This has been an incredibly challenging, but rewarding and absolutely beautiful week. Today we completed the 11 mile UNICEF charity stage and transferred back to Ouarzazate. The stage was fantastic. Completely runable, with a start over a very tiny dune field covered in camel grass. Then we transitioned to a somewhat rocky plain which was covered with acacia trees which looked very similar to the Serengeti. The course then wound through a dry riverbed into the outskirts of a small mud villa town to the finish.

This type of stage race presents it own challenges, running is the least of which. The self sufficiency of food and other supplies, the primitive camping for a week and then the heat. It never got below 100 during the day, which makes anything difficult. The journey however is a once in a lifetime way to intimately experience a remote part of the world. The scenery was stunning, the local people along the way were warm, and the race itself was a marvel of logistics, organization, and entertainment.

I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes and cheered me on along the way, it meant a great deal to me and picked me up through some very low points. I’m back in Ouarzazate (I can finally spell and pronounce it) and will be meeting Linda and the kids in Marrakesh later this evening. I look forward to seeing you back home!


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