Christian Lisowski is Nearing The End of The Marathon Des Sables

Christian Lisowski is a Medtronic employee hoping to raising awareness and funds for the Sulzbacher Center’s medical services by competing in the Marathon Des Sables, also known as “the toughest footrace on earth.” Wish him well by sending him encouraging words at, Christian Lisowski, bib # 544.

Checkout his latest update below:


Here is Christian Lisowski‘s official update:

Stage 4 – Ba Hallou to Hassi Tarfa – 84.3km

This was the biggie. 52 miles through the roughest terrain I have ever run. We began the day 5 miles in with a steep technical climb needing rope holds over a 800m peak. To start the day like this was really hard on the mental state. As I crested the peak, exhausted, I realized I had 46 more miles. The terrain on this leg was some of the most breathtaking yet, I can’t wait to post pics once I get WiFi. (We have the ability to send 1 email a day limited to 1000 character). This stage was through the night and at one point I was totally by myself on a dried out flat lake, the desert sky was really beautiful. I really struggled the last 10 miles, just wiling myself to keep moving. Finally at 5AM the next morning, I crossed the finish line and my emotions really came out, I was overjoyed to have made it past that stage. I’m spending today recovering as we have the last day of racing tomorrow a full marathon, then the UNICEF stage.
Can’t wait to talk with everyone.


Donate now to help him raise $1,000 in 6 days for the Sulzbacher Center:

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