Christian Lisowski clears stage 3!

Christian Lisowski is a Medtronic employee hoping to raising awareness and funds for the Sulzbacher Center’s medical services by competing in the Marathon des Sables, also known as “the toughest footrace on earth.” Wish him well by sending him encouraging words at, Christian Lisowski, bib # 544 and check-out his latest update below:


Stage 3 – 23 miles
Another day of dunes, but these weren’t nearly as high as day 1. There were almost 100 degrees yesterday and this morning, the temp was 107. Today my strategy was active recovery. I was able to get calories and water today which was crucial after not being able to yesterday. According to veterans, this has been an unusually tough year. There is a nervous energy in camp; the 50-mile stage starts tomorrow. The terrain is incredibly tough so 50 miles on exhausted legs and spirit is intimidating but I feel like I am rested and ready and will formulate my strategy in the tent tonight. I wish I could send pics, but I am limited to 1000 characters and no attachments.

Thank you all for sending email, I can’t describe how much it lifts my spirits. I look forward to sharing all pics when I get home.


Donate now to help him raise $1,000 in 6 days for the Sulzbacher Center:

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