Christian Lisowski Completes Stage 1!

Christian Lisowski is a Medtronic employee hoping to raising awareness and funds for the Sulzbacher Center’s medical services by competing in the Marathon des Sables, also known as “the toughest footrace on earth.” Wish him well by sending him encouraging words at, Christian Lisowski, bib # 544 and check-out his latest update below:

Man in desert with camel

Update from Christian Lisowski:

Stage 1 complete!
The first stage was extremely difficult. 21 miles total. We started straight into the dunes for 9 straight miles. Dunes like you see in the movies. Upon exiting the dunes, we went into a dried riverbed which was extremely challenging as the wind was head on at 35 knots. It’s hard to even describe the sandstorms generated by this wind.

This stage was so challenging that only the elite runners could manage more than a power walk. The stage took me 7:05 hours to complete 21 miles. Toughest 21 miles I have ever run. We finished with more 700 m dunes then into base camp. 21 miles down, 137 to go.

Thank you to all the people cheering me on back home. I’m feeling tired, but my feet are in good shape and I’m in good spirits.

Tomorrow is a new day and brings a 26 mile stage. I will send another update at the conclusion of tomorrow’s stage.


Donate now to help him raise $1,000 in 6 days for the Sulzbacher Center:


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