Donate A Day‬ for Education: Meet JoJo


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Before Jo Jo and his mother Monica came to the Sulzbacher Center, Jo Jo was in danger of failing his classes. With a 1.5 GPA and the end of the school year quickly approaching, Monica knew a change needed to be made.

During their stay at the Center, Monica changed Jo Jo’s school and Jo Jo took full advantage of the help the Sulzbacher Center’s children’s department had to offer.

“The Center actually offered math tutors and college tutors would come in and help us and stuff,” said Jo Jo.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jo Jo would take his homework over to the children’s building to be assisted by dedicated volunteers, including dozens of students from University of North Florida School of Nursing. Of all the tutors there was one who had a tremendous impact on Jo Jo and his ability to understand mathematics – Mr. Craig.

“Mr. Craig was a nice person. He understood me and he understood what I didn’t understand. He was also understanding when I messed up a couple of times,” Jo Jo explained.

One of the most amazing things that happen when children live at the Sulzbacher Center and are active in the children’s programs is that their grades tend to improve and Jo Jo was no exception!

Thanks to the hard work of Jo Jo and all of his supporters, Jo Jo was able to raise his GPA to a 2.7 in the last 9-weeks of the school year!

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