Volunteer Spotlight: B and E Creation


This month, we would like to shine our volunteer spotlight on B & E Creation, a family-based volunteer group striving to make our community a better place. Belinda and Ernest Brownlee along side their loved ones Bernice Davis, Sienna Jones, and Siroctavious Moore, bring joy to the men and women residing at the Sulzbacher Center every couple of months by hosting fun-filled dinner parties and game nights. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their efforts are inspiring, and their arms are open to everyone that comes their way. Check out this short interview and find out what keeps this awesome group coming back to the Center!

  • Tell us a little about your group.We are a small group of volunteers who believe that we can change the world and make a big impact. We started our outreach program in December of 2014. Since then, God has continued to lead us towards helping others.
  • What’s your favorite memory from the times you have spent volunteering at the Sulzbacher Center? I must say, our greatest memory is when we came for our first family fun night and the look on the residents’ faces when we announced who we are and told them to just eat, pick out some clothes, and have fun! I felt the look was one of “This is for us and they’re not here to preach, follow us, or limit us.” The staff was so polite and surprised to see everything we’d planned and they had a good time, as well.
  • Why do you continue to volunteer at the Sulzbacher Center? We continue to volunteer because there is no limit to our ability to surprise the residents. We’re great at switching up events, decorating, and being creative. The staff is so generous, understanding, and polite. They have never given us a hard time about anything. We’ve received nothing, but praises!
  • What does it mean to you and your group to be the Sulzbacher Center’s Volunteer(s) of the Month? It means that we are using our God given talents to accomplish the goal that He has set before us. Being recognized for that is like finding a diamond and it gives us the fuel to keep walking in this labor of love.


Sulzbacher Center provides the opportunity for homeless men, women and children to achieve a better life. The center’s comprehensive services include street outreach, daily meals, safe shelter, case management support, job placement assistance, medical, dental, and mental health care as well as scattered-site housing. Every day, the Sulzbacher Center is home to more than three hundred homeless members of our community-many of whom are children. For more information, visit www.sulzbachercenter.org .

By: Tricia Gravatt, Development Assistant

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