Volunteer Meal Group Spotlight: Naval Air Station Jacksonville Chapel

NAS Jax Chapel

NAS JAX Visit 039This year the Sulzbacher Center is celebrating 20 years of being in operation and every month for the next fiscal year, we’ll be taking the time to recognize the volunteer meal groups with the most longevity.

Today, we serve more than 1,600 meals a day and we would not be able to do this without the support of hundreds of meal groups and individual kitchen helpers.

Our records indicate that the very first group to contribute to meal services at the Sulzbacher Center was Naval Air Station Jacksonville Chapel and to this day, volunteers from NAS JAX Chapel continue to help serve at the Center.

This month, we are honored to shine our volunteer meal group spotlight on Naval Air Station Jacksonville Chapel.

  • What is your group most looking forward to seeing the Center accomplish in the next 20 years or what goal is your group looking forward to accomplishing through volunteerism at the Center over the next 20 years ? In the next 20 years, it is the desire of the group to see Sulzbacher Center expand in the city of Jacksonville and beyond to become an organization that especially caters for veterans in need nationally.
  • Is your group involved in other activities at the Center? If so, what other activities does your group engage in? The group is not involved in other activities at the Center. However, the NASJAX Base Chapel Religious Offering Fund contributes to the work of the Center.
  • What has been your group’s most memorable experience/moment at the Center?  The group really enjoyed coming out on the 24th of July to help prepare lunch and clean in the kitchen.
  • Why does your group continue to dedicate time to the Center? The group is looking to give back to society. Sulzbacher Center seems like a good fit for us. Also, it is good exposure for the group because as its name states (Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Behavior – CSSAD), it is against destructive behavior.
  • If you could describe the Sulzbacher Center in one word, what would you choose and why? Watchtower. A watchtower is capable of keeping one safe during a storm and guides ships to help them avoid treacherous waters.

Thanks Lt. Kaniaru and all of the wonderful volunteers from the Naval Air Station Jacksonville Chapel for your continuous support of the Center!


Sulzbacher Center provides the opportunity for homeless men, women and children to achieve a better life. The center’s comprehensive services include street outreach, daily meals, safe shelter, case management support, job placement assistance, medical, dental, and mental health care as well as scattered-site housing. Every day, the Sulzbacher Center is home to more than three hundred homeless members of our community-many of whom are children. For more information, visit www.sulzbachercenter.org .

By: Jasmine Dionne Souers, Communications and Outreach Specialist

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