Ready for Success!

Our first Sulzbacher success story features our Career Education Program. The focus of the Career Education Program is to provide job training and enrichment classes to our residents.  The program offers different job training classes throughout the year that range in topics from a class in customer service and basic computer skills to a training on how to become a security guard. Our goal is to build partnerships with companies that are leaders in their field and to have that company’s experts teach the classes.

One such partnership was established with First Coast Security. First Coast Security is a licensed security agency headquartered here in Jacksonville. First Coast Security recruits, screens, and trains individuals to become security guards. The agency then provides security guards to businesses, such commercial buildings or gate communities.   First Coast Security has volunteered to provide the necessary training for residents of the Center once a quarter.   The Instructor, John, has been crucial to the success of the graduates as well. In the words of our Senior Director of Business Development and Career Education, “he gives them hope and works them hard.”

The second round of Security Training classes just concluded in mid-March. There were 21 students enrolled the class and out of those twenty-one, twenty recruits completed and passed the class. Last week, all twenty graduates were shuttled to the Department of Agriculture for their testing.  After anxiously awaiting their results, it was no surprise to find out, that all twenty graduates passed the exam and received their licenses. With their new found self confidence and license, these twenty graduates are hitting the ground running and actively seeking employment.

We recently received good news from one of the first Security Training class graduates!  . Michael graduated at the end of October in 2013 and started his job the following month. Within five months he was promoted and given a raise. This is an example of why this class is so great to have. The security field has plenty of opportunities and room for growth, potentially leading to careers in corrections.

Stay tuned for updates on our most recent graduates…

This partnership is crucial to the success of the graduates, because First Coast Security is well connected in the Jacksonville Community and prepares our graduates for passing their exam and providing them with contacts and opportunities. Not to mention, security training is their forte!

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